Our Story

Since 2001, NMB has been on the forefront of branding products to the public.

NMB was established in 2001. Originally named National Mobile Billboards, LLC, our core goal was to provide mobile advertising opportunities on custom built trucks throughout North America. We had high expectations that we would eventually become the largest mobile billboard company in the United States. We now provide mobile billboard services using state-of-the-art equipment located throughout the country. Along the way, we also identified many other services which benefit our clients.

For example, we found that custom built Adbikes offer an eco-friendly aspect as well as a brand ambassador engagement opportunity. Riders are well trained on the advertised product/services and consumers also also see a larger than life advertisement just a few feet from them. Incidentally, we are advocates of “Made in the USA” so it was only natural that our custom bikes are manufactured here at home. We even paired them with custom built trucks that could be wrapped for additional advertising exposure for our clients. This entire package has become so popular that other companies have followed our lead. The only thing is, they seldom match is the quality, delivery and execution NMB provides during each and every campaign. Today we offer the largest fleet of Mobile Adbikes in the United States. But the story doesn’t end there...

Over the years we have added a host of innovative media strategies such as Projection Media/Video Wall, Segway Chariots, and our unique Digital Adbikes and Digital Mobile Billboards that NMB solely owns and operates. Maintaining ownership of all media components allows us to control all aspects of a client's campaign. Since we sit directly between your advertising dollar and the consumers you are trying to reach, there is no need to worry about making sure the campaign strategy plans get to the right sub-vendor. The same cannot be said when you deal with “Brokers”, “Affiliates” and “Networks” - firms that frequently show little interest in the goals or desired results of the advertiser and most often don’t create the excitement about the brand they are representing - which is the very reason the client chose to use nontraditional media to begin with.

Remember the old adage "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?" Well, NMB lives by this statement – every day. NMB’s Managing Partner is highly involved on both Geopath (formally the Transit Audit Bureau) and the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America). We believe that these two professional organizations hold the key to keeping a common high standard in the outdoor advertising industry. As such, we encourage you to look to these organizations and its members before you merely do a Google Search for the media you are seeking. Your client will certainly appreciate it.

Where are we today? NMB is the largest solely owned and operated nontraditional advertising vendor in the United States, offering over a dozen media choices with a common thread...mobility. We have activated grass roots campaigns as well as numerous nationally based campaigns in both the United States and Canada.

With all this in mind, NMB still employs the single strategy - Target, Captivate and Inspire the consumer. This is why so many companies continue to trust us to promote their brands. Why not choose NMB to deliver your message?

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